Traveling solo on a group tour is not for everyone.  If you really want the flexibility to set your own travel agenda and like being on your own then group tours may not work for you.  However, group tours can be a fun option for the solo traveler.  They are a great way to meet new people and reduce the stress of having to plan your own itinerary.  No matter your interest or age, you can find a group tour that is right for you.  

You need to do your homework before you select a tour company.  Some tour companies prefer not to deal with solo travelers and have restrictions that discourage solo travel.  If you want your own room, you will have to pay a premium on almost every group tour, even those that do cater to solo travelers.  You might not have to pay double, but often you pay around 80% extra to have your own room. A more cost-effective option is to allow the tour company to match you up with another solo traveler and share a room.  Many companies are willing to facilitate room sharing. 

There is some risk with this option. You might not get along with your roommate. You might want to bring earplugs in case they snore. But when you think about it, you aren’t in your room much except to sleep for a few hours. During the day you can hang out with people with whom you are more compatible.  If you just remind yourself that it’s only for a few days, and keep a positive attitude, even a bad roommate won’t spoil your vacation.

On the upside, you might make a new friend who could become a future travel companion.  


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