If you are looking for the best all-around travel bag, look no further than the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag.  The company advertises their unique design helps ease the weight of the back and they are correct.  By putting pockets in strategic locations, the bag feels lighter when you carry it over your shoulder than it does when you just lift it up.  The secret is the way the various pockets distribute the weight.

The bag comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.  The wide strap makes the small bag inconvenient and it is too small to hold everything you might want to take with you.  The large bag is really too large.  Just like Goldilocks, the medium bag is just right.  If you want something that looks expensive you can get the leather finish, but for travel, the microfiber works best.  It’s easy to clean and brush off.  It’s more flexible and makes it easy to fold the bag flat and stick it into a suitcase. 

Interior of Ameribag Healthy Back Bag
Ameribag Healthy Back Bag interior

The healthy bag fits everything you need.  It’s tall, kidney shape is big enough to fit a larger tablet, e-readers, and cameras.  If you are a photographer, you can fit a DSLR camera with a 300-400 mm lens in the bag because of the height.  The three upper interior pockets hold glasses and phones.  There is an attached key ring, pen holders and a zippered pocket inside for small items.  There are two additional interior pockets that hold batteries, wallets and anything else you might want to carry.  The newer model bags have one additional large zippered pocket for tablets and e-readers.  There’s even room to carry souvenirs like t-shirts or you can squish a light jacket into it.  The interior pockets can puncture over time if you keep sharp objects like nail files in them. 

What fits into the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag
The Ameribag Healthy Back Bag holds everything you need for your trip.

Outside is a rear pocket that will hold a bottle of water, an umbrella or sunglasses.  There is a zippered pocked and another large outside pocket for tickets,  

The strap is wide and expands so you can carry the bag over your shoulder or cross-body.  The bag is well constructed and built to last through the rigors of travel.  The Ameribag Healthy Back Bag is the perfect bag for your next travel adventure.

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